عين التنين 5000

3.400 يورو

جهاز Dragon Eye 5000 هو الجهاز الأول من نوعه في العالم للبحث عن الذهب والمعادن الثمينة والكنوز والفراغات في باطن الأرض. تم تصنيع الجهاز بعد سلسلة من الاختبارات العلمية في أحدث المختبرات الأوروبية، بمساعدة مجموعة من المهندسين والخبراء.



بطارية قوية قابلة للشحن ، تعمل لمدة عشر ساعات ، 5 فولت – 5000 مللي أمبير – 52 واط ، وقت الاستخدام العادي 10 ساعات.

الوصول إلى العمق

يمكن الوصول إلى عمق 15 مترا كحد أقصى. هذا يسمح بالحصول على أهداف ذات عمق كبير.


يدعم جهاز عين التنين ٥٠٠٠ (Dragon Eye 5000) العديد من اللغات: الانجليزية، الالمانية، الفرنسية، العربية، الاسبانية، والايطالية.


شاشة عرض مميزة تدعم الوضوح في الأيام المشمسة والأماكن المظلمة. شاشة TFT ملونة، 4.3 انش – 800×480.

High-Tech Audio Alerts

It is used to distinguish between targets with a specific tone, You will easily distinguish the target sound.


Two years; You will receive follow-up after purchase by a A team of professional engineers.

Detection Systems

Two highly efficient search systems designed under the supervision of specialized engineers.

Detection Targets

Dragon Eye 5000 device is used to detect gold, precious metals, treasures and voids in the ground.


Dragon Eye have won ISO and CE COMPLIANCE certificates for their quality and efficiency.

Search System

An overview of the device’s operation

Searching for treasures, precious metals, silver and gold has become easier and more reliable, as the Dragon Eye 5000 device features comprehensive and integrated search systems that give its user confidence and accuracy in the results. The Dragon Eye 5000 device is equipped with a special unit to broadcast the signal to the ground, stimulate ionic fields, and measure and transmit the temperature and humidity of the soil. A high-performance data processor gives the device the ability to complete the search process while obtaining the location of treasures, precious metals, silver and gold under the surface of the earth through a portable sensor unit and limiting the search site to within one square meter.

How the device work

The Dragon Eye 5000 device is distinguished by its unique system, as the device’s operation depends on sending radio waves via the central transmitter unit, which penetrate the layers of the earth to great depths. When these waves collide with any target, their shape changes directly depending on the type of target they collide with, and as a result, one The mobile receiver attached to the device for this change occurs and directly circumvents the point that occurred in the change in the shape of the signal, which helps the prospector determine the location of the target with high accuracy.

Easy Search System

The device automatically calibrates with the surrounding environment and then sends (a group of different frequencies) in order to capture any type of target in the vicinity, regardless of its type.

Manual Search System

It is a search that depends on precise customization of the search process that the user wants.

– Front range of the device:

The user can determine the front range between (100 and 900) meters.

– Soil type:

Using this feature, the user can specify the type of soil he is searching in, as the user can choose one of the types of soil (natural – mineral – mixed – clay – rocky – sandy).

  – Type of Targets:

Using this option, the user can choose the type of target to search for (raw gold – buried gold – bronze – silver – blanks – nickel).

– Depth:

Through this option, the user can choose the depth to be reached, and the user can specify the desired depth between (1 and 15 metres).

Screen to adjust the frequency transmitted to the soil

One of the most important and unique features of this device is the ability to monitor the frequencies issued by the main broadcast unit that are sent through the sensors to the soil. The Dragon Eye 5000 device sends two types of signals simultaneously to the soil (a low-frequency digital signal – and a high-frequency analogue signal). Professional researchers can change the frequency and amplitude of the signal coming from the main broadcast unit using the frequency adjustment keys in a way that suits their experience in capturing the frequency of buried targets.

Sensors information screen

Since the sensor search system is affected by a group of elements surrounding the user, the Dragon Eye device is equipped with a set of precise sensors that show the user detailed information about the surrounding environment such as (temperature – humidity – and a compass that shows the user the direction in which the search process is taking place).


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