Alan Tarama Cihazı Bionic A-t-3


Space and gold finder Bionic at3 field scanning device, chamber tombs, tunnel entrances and gold, silver, bronze, bronze items 100 meters to 500 meters away, especially in mountainous areas, in large forest areas, in lands where signs and remains have been lost, Field scanning device, which is a great help to treasure search detectors and detectors in treasure searches, is a super field scanner that should definitely be used for pre-discovery.

The field scanning device or detector is the oldest method used in treasure and treasure searches since ancient times, we, as Asia detector technologies, are the seller and user of treasure search devices and field scanning devices for years, both the price and the Bionic at3 area that will make your job easier when searching for gold and treasure in large areas. We produced the scanning device. You can choose to scan at3 area from bionic field scanning series for preliminary exploration and detection, especially next to your detector or in large fields. For more comprehensive information, you can come to the Asian detector technologies sales store and get information, if you want, it can be sent to your PTT paid address.

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