Deep Ges Pulse Sistem Derin Dedektör


DEEP GES Discrimination Metal Detector was designed considering all terrain conditions. Thanks to the ideal search coil size and light body, it does not tire the user during the search and gives effective results.

You can simultaneously search for metal and space thanks to the 2D image mode that you cannot find on any other device. You can detect the metal inside the cavity. You can also see the type of metal as precious and not.

Deep Ges offers up to 10 hours of continuous search with its long-lasting Lithium-Ion battery.

Working Frequency: 200 Hz
Metal Discrimination Feature: Available (Numerical and Graphical discrimination feature)
Cavity and Cavity Metal Detection Feature: Available (Simultaneous 2D image)
Display: 128 × 64 Graphic LCD Screen
Automatic Ground Balance: Available
Battery: 18.5 V 2500 mA Li-ion
Charger Adapter: Available
Vehicle Charging: Available
Charge Life: 10 hours
Charge Filling Time: 5-6 hours
Headphone: Available (3.5mm Stereo)
Headers: Cable header designed into 27 cm round – 120 × 120 pipes
Working Temperature: -25 C / 55 C
User Manual: Available (Turkish)
Accessories: Carrying case, Stereo headset, Turkish user manual
Warranty Period: 2 Years

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