Golden Mask Deep Hunter Pro3


Golden Mask Deep Hunter Pro 3 is a pulse induction (PI) metal detector with fully automatic ground exclusion balance (AGEB). The electronics were redesigned to achieve both superb performance and ease of use. A new TRASH REJECT function was added, so now the user is able to choose what the detector reacts on – only large targets or all targets. With this function small trash object could be eliminated and the machine reacts only on large objects. The Deep Hunter Pro 3 has simple and intuitive controls. It is designed to detect deeply buried large and medium-size metal objects. The ground balance is set automatically only – the machine tracks the ground in real time, the user is not required to set the ground balance. Like all other metal detectors from the Deep Hunter range, the DHP3 is a reliable machine for professional use. The type of the metal objects is identified by two LED lights – red for non-ferrous metals and green for iron.
WARNING! The Pro 3 uses newly developed coils that are not compatible with the previous models! The coils for Pro 3 will work only on a Pro 3 and newer models!
The Deep Hunter Pro 3 metal detector is optimised for comfortable search near 50 Hz power lines. There is a special “US edition” model, optimised for search close to 60Hz power lines – this frequency is present in the USA and some other countries in North and South America, Saudi Arabia etc.


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