GoldHunter is WORLD’S FIRST VLF DETECTOR that uses advanced smartphone technologies that enable users to not only find gold nuggets, coins, and treasure but also visualize them on screen before digging. It is able to precisely discriminate between different metal types and can find gold nuggets even in magnetized soil. GoldHunter is very portable and lightweight due to the carbon fiber telescopic shaft that can easily collapse.

Application features

– Professional 3D ground scan for object visualization
– Latest Technology Augmented Reality
– 2D/3D view mode with advanced zooming and browsing feature
– All metal and discriminator mode with visual metal type icons
– Possibility to save a scan and analyze it later
– Possibility to save the geographic location of a scan
– Export data to PC for further analysis
– Battery indication
– Free application + lifetime upgrades

Detector features

– Finds the smallest gold nuggets in highly mineralized soils
– Recommended for gold nugget/prospecting
– Works with iPhone or in standalone mode
– All metal & discrimination & pinpoint mode with depth estimation
– Wireless Bluetooth connectivity
– Possibility to manually adjust gain, threshold & ground balancing
– Powered by 9V standard battery
– Automated ground balancing
– Indication of mineralization type
– Integrated speaker and headphones jack connector
– High tone for high-value metal target, Low tone for iron target
– 19 kHz operating frequency
– Volume control

What’s included

– GoldHunter smart control unit
– 11″ DD elliptical waterproof search coil for deep penetration
– 5″ DD Round Closed Waterproof Search Coil
– Carbon fiber telescopic shaft (Made from 100% carbon fibers, light and strong. Very compact when collapsed)

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