Technology Team M1 Gradiometer Professional Treasure Hunter Set.

Use of 4 different technologies in one product as IB detector, Pulse System Deep search detector, 3D imaging system and Gradiometer

3D underground large object imaging with EMF (Active Electromagnetic) system (does not detect small size inert materials, only detects large materials). EMF can display all metal types. And it does not require direction during 3D imaging.

3D imaging with coils

Ability to use Pulse DD coil and Mono coil technology in a single device

Being able to use Ground Balancing System and Unbalanced at the same time

3 coils DD Coil (32cm) Mono Coil (45cm) Kite Coil (120cm Diameter)

Built-in 7A Litium Battery

Ergonomic design that allows use by attaching to the handle and hanging on the neck

Charging from USB and Powerban

Color Touchscreen

Using Motion and Nonmotion at the same time

Low sensitivity to minerals

Easy to use

Numerical metal discrimination on audio and color screen (DD coil)

It is a full group money hunter Pulse system deep search detector that offers many features together.

You will have a top level IB detector thanks to the 32cm DD coil you bought with M1.
When using the handle, you get perfect ergonomics thanks to the fixing of the main unit to the handle. With the ability to be charged from Powebank, you will not be left halfway because you run out of charge in the field.
With the M1 and DD coil you have a single coin detector that is deeper than VLF detectors and virtually insensitive to minerals compared to VLF detectors.
Thanks to the mono 45cm coil or mono kite coil you bought with M1, you have a deep search detector that can completely remove the mineral by making ground balance. In this way, you can detect metal from the depth you could not imagine and become a complete group of money hunters.
Thanks to the Gradiometer you bought with M1, you can view man-made structures such as graves, rooms, cellars, tunnels and magnetic metals in 3D.
Thanks to the EMF you received with M1, you can see only large objects without seeing any small object in 3D.

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