PQWT-GT500A Geophysical Equipment Deep 500m Underground Water Detector

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PQWT-GT Auto-analysis Geophysical Detector is the eighth-generation of multi-channel prospecting instrument newly developed by Hunan Puqi Geologic Exploration Equipment Institute and Hunan Puqi Water Environment Institute Co. Ltd., it is based on the principle of natural electric field frequency selection method. It is widely used in underground water sources, geological structures, mine veins, mine tunnels, cavities, karst caves, ant holes, mined-out areas, dam pipe surge, landslides and other fields. This series of instruments integrates 5 independent invention patents of PQWT, including data acquisition system, data processing system, automatic mapping system, automatic analysis system and circuit system. It realizes the simultaneous data acquisition of multi-channel and multi-frequency, completely solves the influence of unstable factors caused by the time difference of the natural electric field source, and greatly improves the accuracy and work efficiency. The instrument can process the collected data, automatically draw curve map, profile map, and 3D renderings in real time, and automatically analyze abnormal areas, so as to provide scientific basis for analyzing geological structures quickly and effectively.

Product Features:

1. Automatic analysis: The instrument analyzes the abnormal area with one  click.

2. Automatic mapping: Automatically draw curve map, profile map, and 3D  renderings.

3. Stable and reliable: Collect 18 points data with one-time wiring.

4. Increment function: The extension of geological structure can be analyzed by making supplementary measurement in front and rear of the survey  line.

5. Data storage: It can store curve map, profile map, and 3D renderings of  more than 999 survey lines to facilitate the production of geophysical exploration reports.



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