With Rayfinder Gold Detector Long Range Locator the user has the ability to define detection range, for example the range can be set between 300 to 2100 meters. This Rayfinder gold detector feature,  Is useful to estimate the distance to target. Also when limiting the locator range,                                   smaller targets are rejected and great accuracy in centering is achieved.

AYFINDER signal power for long distance location: Powerful 24 volts peak-to-peak transmitter, permits to set detection range levels from 300 m.  to 2100+ m.

RAYFINDER signal accuracy: The most stable frequency signal possible. Scan gold and precious metals with frequency accurate down to 0.1 Hz. Find treasure and ignore               the trash!.

RAYFINDER ground filters: Before starting the scan, RAYFINDER long range locator senses ground minerals and wetness by displaying GROUND ID numbers.                                  Long range locators of competitors are not smart enough, will either loose depth or give false signals on bad ground. RAYFINDER automatically alters the signal waveform                to maintain good depth and metal discrimination for all ground conditions.

RAYFINDER factory and user programs: Modes for gold, silver, copper, bronze, iron, lead, aluminum, diamonds, water, void & 6 free modes for other elements. Unlike other LRL devices the metal frequency is not locked, and can be fine adjusted by the user in +/-1 Hz steps. Place your target sample on the ground to scan for its frequency and “teach” RAYFINDER to locate it. The user frequency settings are stored in memory to be used next time RAYFINDER gold detector powers on.

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Τhe “GROUND BALANCE” function.
RAYFINDER gold detector analyses both the soil mineral content & level of wetness,
the result appears as GROUND VALUE identification number, on a scale 0 to 999.
This number determines the false ground signals RAYFINDER rejects,                                       also informs the user of the ground type to be scanned

Long range locators from competitors are simple frequency generators, with locked metal frequencies and not any ability to sense ground conditions. Those frequency generators are not specialized for ground usage, they might operate well in soil with average minerals, but do not penetrate on neutral grounds. Even worse in heavy mineralized soil will give false target signals. The DGB – Digital Ground Balancing feature, programmed in RAYFINDER long range locator to assist the reliable target indication, and maintain maximum range and stable operation regardless of the ground type.

As a second step, the “RAY track” system, completes the ground balancing accurately, by selecting variable waveforms of the transmit frequency to match the various soils.
RAYFINDER gold detector long range locator features a worldwide cutting edge technology invention.
DFS – Digital Frequency Synthesis. The only long range gold detector on the market with signal output by a DSP microprocessor, which is fast enough to run at 40 MIPS (million instructions per second), performing corrections to frequency accuracy automatically. Every metal has its own specific molecular frequency, up to present day, long range locators were unable to maintain molecular frequency signal stable enough to make visible only the desired target, faults were common practice from minerals and ghost targets due to solar storms and earth magnetic fields.


                                                Select the frequency for gold or other modes. The frequencies are not locked, and can be adjusted using the arrow keys for accuracy.                                                                                                      When the charging of the signal to the ground completes the RAYFINDER electromagnetic field is strong enough, and the message  START SCANNING alerts to pinpoint       the target. All other metal objects in the area are eliminated, and the desired element absorbed enough energy from RAYFINDER to become visible.

The range levels can be set by the user. Examples of different detection distances.

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