Scanner Rotation PI


-Single Person Can Use One Handed Easily Brings You Up To The Right Point Of The Target Makes Perfect Punctuation
-Scanner Rotation Allows You to Scan the Field in As Short As 3 Minutes
-Scanner Rotation Can Scan 300 Mt Range to 5 Mt Depth.
The Menu Has Lcd Screen Presentation And Touch Membrane (Keys) There is an Easy Understandable Menu Option.
Scanner Rotation PI-Field Scan Frequencies, as well as Two Sensors, as well as the rotation cycle of the antennas with these sensors, it gives a sound when the target is approached and reacts with the increase of sound on the target.
PI-Feature Has Completely Two Synchronous Sensors. This Situation Is Based On The Scientific Phase Reading And It Is Unique In The World With These Features.

Menu Content:
1-Mode: (Gold-Silver-Bronze-Copper-Diamond-Lead-Aluminum-Iron-Water-Voit = ​​Space)
With its options, it enables you to reach the materials you want to search directly without losing time.
In addition to these, the user can enter the frequency manually with the (Free) Option. This situation
It Is Recommended To Use After Good Experience.
Example; (16-09) Khz
2-Range (Range Selection) For example; 100mt 300mt 600mt 900mt 3100mt)
You Can Search By Selecting The Distance You Want Up To The Range
3-Width: In this Menu, the device allows you to choose how wide you want to search.
Sample ; With Options such as (50mt 100mt 150mt), it makes it possible for you to search in the width you want.
4-Backlit (Background Backlight): This Menu allows you to make calls without drawing attention by turning off the screen light.
5-Reset: It allows you to return to factory settings with a single click when requested in this menu.

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