Tero Vido CS Uno


The CS Uno is our starter model, and suited for many requirements related to the detection of pipes, cables and cavities. With its 85 cm vertical sensor, and the 50 cm horizontal sensor, you will get a quick overview over smaller areas, and is also well suited for difficult operational areas.

Tablet with pre-installed software Tero Vido 3D  
Sensor 1 (2 Sensors) vertical, 85 cm
Sensor 2 (4 Sensors) horizontal, 50 cm
Carrying rod for horizontal sensor  
USB-Dongle for wireless data exchange between sensor and computer  
Charging cable and adapter for USB 12 V DC and 220 V AC
Manual and Quick Start Guide  
Flexible tablet carrying case with touch-sensitive screen protection  

Solid transport case for all equipment

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